Friday 26 June 2015

Saying "Hello"

Suddenly I am shy and uncertain. I now know the true meaning of the phrase "It's been a long time, getting from there to here." 

At last, my very first work of fiction "Beating the Bounds", has been published by Blushing Books. It's a Champagne moment, and I invite you all to have a glass with me. (Or a large gin and tonic.)

So what is it all about?

"Ami and Daniel are Empty Nesters who have moved to live in an old house in the depths of the English countryside. In order to save their flagging relationship and refresh their boring sex lives, Ami has decided she needs to change. She reinvents herself, much to the delight of her husband of over thirty years, proving that passion and variety are no longer the reserve of the young."

"Add a little (or a lot) of spanking into the mix, and....."

I do hope you will want to read what happens.

I've written stories all my life. I suppose I've always had a fascination with fiction. I wrote my first at the age of ten. It was all about horses and I used to read it out to my friends on a weekly basis, chapter by chapter.

Over the years the subject matter changed, and the writing altered and evolved. Were it not for some of my writing buddies, I would not be here today, as I never thought I could make it as far as publication.

I thank you all. Have another glass!

I want to thank Patty Devlin, who holds me upright when I start to droop, and who designed such a beautiful and romantic banner for me. She most definitely shares my same sense of warped humour. I'd also like to thank Lawson Craighill, who designed such a brilliant cover for my book. It echoes the story perfectly.

I hope you will all enjoy reading my story as much as I enjoyed writing it. It's up to you to decide which bits are fantasy and which are based on reality.

Finally - it's going to take me a while to get this blog looking the way I would like it. Please bear with me. I am well-known for my posts popping in and out as I refine features.

I hope to get you all in my list of "posts I follow", but I am having difficulty with Blogger saying "No!" at the moment. I may need to go and have another large gin!